RGBDemo provides a simple toolkit to start playing with Kinect data and develop standalone computer vision programs without the hassle of integrating existing libraries. The project is divided in a library called nestk and some demo programs using it.

Current features include:

Grab kinect images and visualize / replay them
Support for libfreenect and OpenNI/Nite backends
Extract skeleton data / hand point position (Nite backend)
Integration with OpenCV and PCL
Multiple Kinect support and calibration
Calibrate the camera to get point clouds in metric space (libfreenect)
Export to meshlab/blender using .ply files
Demo of 3D scene reconstruction using a freehand Kinect
Demo of people detection and localization
Demo of gesture recognition and skeleton tracking using Nite
Demo of 3D model estimation of objects lying on a table (based on PCL table top object detector)
Demo of multiple kinect calibration
Linux, MacOSX and Windows support