Brekel Kinect

Brekel Kinect is an application using a Microsoft Kinect, and PrimeSense’s OpenNI and NITE. It allows you to capture 3D objects and export them to disk for use in 3D packages. As well as do skeleton tracking which can be streamed into Autodesk’s MotionBuilder in realtime, or exported as BVH files.

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Resource - Brekel Kinect v0.50 Released

The Kinect's main man in MoCap has just released version 0.50 of Brekel Kinect. This latest update includes LED and Motor control without the need for additional driver support and promises to be more stable when capturing longer recordings.

Resource - Brekel Kinect

This handy little package will allow you to easily install the OpenNI and drivers and Brekel Motion Capture software in one clean, easy swoop. I've also included the Motion Builder plugin and the stand alone version of Brekel Kinect.

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