Evoluce software enables multi-gesture interaction with 3D depth-sensing technology. Evoluce demonstrated Windows 7 applications being controlled and interacted with for the first time ever in conjunction with Microsoft Kinect and will release software to control your PC with multiple gestures soon. Direct and intuitive interfaces using 3D-sensing open the door to a myriad of possibilities for interacting with a variety of applications in gaming, consumer electronics, office, education, point of sale and medical systems.

Official Site: evoluce.com

News - Evoluce SDK for Windows 7 Released

The good folks at Evoluce have released their own noncommercial NUI applications for use with Windows 7. The program sports easy to use and intuitive applications dealing exhibitions, education, digital signage and healthcare. The Evoluce SDK for Kinect is only available for Windows 7 but it comes with all the necessary drivers, an NUI API, documents and other resource materials. Evoluce uses the OpenNI framework with NITE. Developers can create their own noncommercial applications using C++ and C# using Visual Studio 10.

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