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Whether you’re educating students, entertaining friends, or exploring what’s possible when humans and computers interact, you can create something amazing with Kinect for Windows. What will you develop?

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News - Kinect 2 for Windows Dev Kit Priced at $399

Early adopters of the new Kinect hardware will have the opportunity to purchase the device before it officially goes on sale. For $399 you'll get a pre-production model, the SDK as well as the consumer-level version when it becomes available.

News - Map Keyboard Functions to Gestures Using control:mapper

Control:mapper is a utility which enables you to use your Microsoft Kinect with almost any existing Windows application. Control:mapper monitors the movement of your body for predefined actions, then converts them to your specified keyboard and mouse commands.

This video demonstrates how their new software, control:mapper, enables you to play existing Windows applications using your Microsoft Kinect and a Windows 7 or 8 PC.

Assign any combination of keys and mouse control to defined gestures, or virtual triggers located in the space around your body.

News - NuiLib - Kinect SDK Supported Library for NUI Development

Ask any developer, having a utility library available when building applications can save a you a lot of troubles. As part of a project to create gestural based character movements in second life (Armadillo); John McCaffery has developed NuiLib, a library which works with the Kinect in order to alleviate much of the heavy lifting and provide a means to ease integration of NUI devices into applications.

News - Amulet Voice Kinect

This is a must have for all you future loving Kinect-o-phile music fans out there. Amulet Voice Kinect allows you to control your entire music catalogue by using Microsoft's Speech ZiraPro library along with a Kinect sensor.

If you're fortunate enough to be running a Windows 7 machine along with a decent sized library of music, this application will definitely be the centre piece at your next get together. It's free to download and needs just a few requirements to be met in order to get things up and running.

News - Kinect Grocery Cart

The Kinect wiz kids over in Redmond Washington are really flexing their Kinect SDK muscles with this one. All I know is that the near future will be full of automated personal assistants along this same vein and I can't freakin' wait!

News - Interactive Portfolio Using Kinect SDK

In the spirit of development and just getting to know things in a better way, Rik Sabino recently put together a very cool project that ultimately has ended up being one of the most impressive presentation of a resume…ever. What a creative way to present your portfolio to a potential employer! The software is free to download so go check it out over at

News - Kinect and Netduino Controlled Watering Hose

I practically died when I seen this one. Dan Thyer set up a Netduino operated garden hose which is controlled by a program that uses a servo to change the direction of the hose. By pushing a button, he's able to have the hose continuously spray water in a pattern which machos the inner lining of his pool.

He's also able to manually take over by using a kinect which uses it's skeletal tracking abilities to precisely control where the hose is directed. He can essentially sit on his porch and blast water at anyone in the pool with a fair amount of accuracy.

News - Microsoft Openly Thanks Community For Kinect Hacking Efforts.

Oh wow, ever cool, a flying pig! And look at that! A monkey just flew out of that guy's butt! Yes, it seems as if the unimaginable has just happened. An open "Thank you" letter from the Kinect for Windows General Manager directed to the Kinect hacking community. Why is this such a monuments occasion? Well, As Joshua Blake states in his great OpenKinect Google Groups post, this is the "first time a Micfosoft exec has addressed the [hacking] community by name in an official communication".

News - Kinected Application Allows 3D Customizable Augmented Reality Chat Over iPhone and iPad

Check out this innovative little app! Built by Cadavid Concepts, Inc, this Kinect Application allows you to harness the power of an iPad/iPhone with the latest in Augmented Reality tech to create a fun way to chat with your friends in 3D. Regular old dusty "Facetime" ain't got shit on Kinected!

News - Candescent NUI

This is what I like to see. A crisp, clean, seamless user interface with accompanying code for us all to try out! If you skip past my boring ass synopsis and go straight to the video, you'll be treated to one of the slickest video manipulation programs using a natural user interface to date. You heard right folks, this demo is a thing of beauty.

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