Kinectar Performance Platform is a toolkit developed by music producer Chris Vik to allow the use of Microsoft's Kinect motion tracking sensor in computer-based music. The software is designed for electronic musicians to expand the way they control their music in a futuristic and extremely expressive way, using only the waving of hands and a small amount of creativity. It can be used to control the simplest of parameters like a filter or LFO, play notes and chords on a sampler or synthesizer, or be programmed to control an entire live-set through nothing more than gesture.

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News - Phantom of the Kinectar!

How cool is Kinectar? A rhetorical question mind you, but seriously you guys...seriously. Musician/Programmer Chris Vik has added another label to his name, that of conductor. In his latest video, Chris uses his Kinectar software to patch into the Melbourne Town Hall Organ. Since the organ received an overhaul in the 90's, it's now able to produce MIDI notes which open the appropriate pipe valve, perfect for Kinectar integration.

News - Live Performance Controlled Music Using Kinectar

If you haven't been following his work, Chris Vic is doing some really amazing stuff with his Kinectar Performance Platform. This latest video shows what can be achieved when Kinectar is used in tandem with live performance art. The end result is an immersive experience that seamlessly mixes live motion with musical accompaniment that is generated by the performers actual motion.

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