For over twenty years, Max has been used by performers, artists, and composers to make cutting-edge work by connecting basic functional blocks together into unique applications. Max gives you the parts to make your own music, sound, video, and interactive media applications. Simply add objects to a visual canvas and connect them together to make noise, experiment, and play.

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News - Kinect BeatWheel

Ryan Challinor, creator of Synapse for Kinect, has developed another great little side project in his free time. This time around he's created a Kinect controlled BeatWheel that controls a looping sample by using gestures to play the track normally or in reverse. You'll need to download the Max patch and the Synapse for Kinect application for Mac in order to try it out for your self.

News - PuShy - Tactile Sonic Interface

The PuShy project is a very creative and inspiring project involving Max/MSP, OSC along with a trusty Kinect sensor. The idea behind this Tactile Sonic Interface is to provide a means of touching something that has no business making any sort of sonic response and then coming to life with a symphony of music once the interaction has taken place. This project was first unraveled at the Plektrum Festival 2011, Tallinn, Estonia.

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