News - Phantom of the Kinectar!

How cool is Kinectar? A rhetorical question mind you, but seriously you guys...seriously. Musician/Programmer Chris Vik has added another label to his name, that of conductor. In his latest video, Chris uses his Kinectar software to patch into the Melbourne Town Hall Organ. Since the organ received an overhaul in the 90's, it's now able to produce MIDI notes which open the appropriate pipe valve, perfect for Kinectar integration.

News - Quartz Composer, Ableton Live and Synapse Kinect Controlling 3D Geometry and Sound

In this great demonstration of using a Kinect enabled digital synthesizer, the folks at 1000 errors used a wide assortment of applications to build this very cool hack. The digital pot-o-gumbo consists of several applications being used in tandem such as Synapse Kinect, Maxxforlive, Ableton Live, VDMX and Quartz Composer

News - KiNECTAR Musical Performance Platform

If you haven't heard or seen anything relating to Chris Vik's work, now's a good time to start catching up. His YouTube page should give just the right amount of background info and be warned, your mind may be blown in the process. Go here - - run, don't walk.

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