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News - Bubble Bath Colour Depth using openFrameworks

Looking to amp up your bath time excitement? Yeah, me neither, but maybe couples who like to drop acid durring bath time would get a kick out of this one. All you need is a projector mounted above your bathtub (yeah, that's safe) and a little OFX know-how and you too can turn your bath time bubbles into psychedelic masterpieces.

News - openFrameworks Visual Effects Bonanza!

Just wanted to draw a little attention to one of the unsung hero's of Kinect awesomeness - Visual Effects. Using openFrameworks and a bit of inspiration from other apps, Gwen Vanhee has produced this great video of different visual settings applied to one continuous recording from his app. By changing values for different options like noise, noiseZ, spikes, hair and blowup, he's able to show us a wide range of different visual effects one can achieve using openFrameworks and a Kinect.

News - openFrameworks MIDI Air Guitar

Rock out with your Kinect out with this kick ass air guitar project using openFrameworks and the ofxKinect OpenNI libraries. By positioning your hands in a certain way, you can scale the chord progression by moving one hand either closer or further away from the other. To sum things up, we're talking high tech, bleeding edge air guitar awesomeness.

Check out the video to see what I'm talking about. You can actually produce some pretty bad ass sounding chords using this MIDI integrated openFrameworks project.

News - Kinect Doodle Defense

I just love this super creative game developed by Andy Wallace. Built in openFrameworks, Doodle Defense is a take on the classic tower defense styled game but "Kinectified" for that 2012 touch. The cool part about this design is that you can draw on a white board and have the enemies move according to your hand drawn layout.

The Kinect is used to capture the board image while a projector animates the "enemy" pieces. The idea is to prevent them from reaching the other end of the white board by using an assortment of different coloured markers.

News - Augmented Reality Evolution Timeline Using openFrameworks

This latest hack in AR goodness brings us back to a time when primordial ooze was all the rage. Watch as creatures are born right in front of your very eyes that move around freely, only bound to their environmental constraints.

Creatures come in all forms ranging from spiders, beetles and snails through ammonites and trilobites to sharks and dinosaurs, all inhabiting a Mixed Reality ecosystem.

News - Kinect Russian Roulette Simulator

You have to check out this hilarious hack by Mr. Theo Watson himself. Recorded at Art Hack Day, Theo treats us to a live demonstration of his Russian Roulette Simulator that was built in about 3 hours for the event. He's using openFrameworks 007 along with the ofxKinect library -- everything is pretty much self explanatory once you watch the video.

Enjoy this morbid/clever Dear Hunter moment brought to you by Theo Watson, ofx and developkinect. Have a great weekend!

News - Interactive Puppet Display using openFrameworks and Unity 3D

This interactive puppet display was developed by the team at and was created for the frederica theatre in denmark. The purpose of the project was to allow the audience to interact with a puppet from the show once they were finished watching the performance. Audience members were able to control the arms of one of the stars in the show creating another level of immersion that connects the the audience with the performers in a more interactive way.

News - Switch Music Conductor v 0.1.2

Here's an interesting project worth keeping an eye on. It was built with openFrameworks using the ofxKinect addon. The user appears to be able to hover his or her hand over a particular vector on the screen in order to start playing a pre-set sample of music. The user can then move to another area and have that other sample play in tandem with the original, stop either one by moving away, or initiate a new sample.

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