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News - Arduino + Processing + Kinect Dimmer

Kinect related projects that involve Processing and Arduino are always so damn cool! Take for instance this latest demo by P&A LAB. They sought out to develop a tracking system that would control a light source by either turning it on/off or dimming the light. They've set up their rig to include some LED lights that represent the amount of dimming that would occur if this product were actually in use. The video shows a linear actuator move according to the gestures used in order to control the amount of dimming the light source would receive.

News - Kinect 3D Face Morphing Processing Sketch

Building upon the great 3D capturing Processing sketch (which is featured in Kinect Hacks), Javier Graciá Carpio has updated his Kinect Mash Viewer codebase and added a Kinect 3D face morphing and DLA drawing effect option to the app.

Resource - Dynamically Control Background Perspective and Changing Colours

Ning Ma's FLying Squares with dynamically controlled background perspective and changing colours.

Resource - Follow Target Processing Sketch

Ning Ma's Kinect Follow Target Processing Sketch

News - Kinetic Space 2.0 - Custom Gesture Recognition System

Got a tip today from Matthias Wölfel who was kind enough to share his great gesture based recording and recognition tool used with the Kinect. The system is free to check out by downloading it from

The software allows users to train the software to recognize specific gestures that can be implemented into other applications such as Max/MSP, Pure Data, VVVV, Resolume via OSC protocol.

News - Kinect 3D Face Scanning Processing Sketch

Javier Gracia Carpio has developed another cool little Processing Kinect hack. This time involving 3D object recreation. As most of you already know, RGBdemo allows you to pull off similar functionality but this sort of thing hasn't been done using Processing - as far as I know...

News - Kinect + Processing Visual Effect Generator

Since this sketch doesn't exactly have an official name - aside from Kinect Experiments - I thought I'd give it one myself. The Kinect Visual Effect Generator is a multipurpose Kinect Hack written in Processing. This Processing Sketch allows an end user to apply a wide variety of different visual effects and options such as the ability to follow your actions and have the repeat to drawing tubular like trails that are represented in 3D with depth and with rotational functionality.

Resource - Kinect Space Shooter

Processing + Kinect Game
Developers: Jordi Llobet / Anna Fusté - LaSalle Engineering

News - Kinect Wings with Processing, OSC and Arduino

Oh snap! How exciting! Someone submitted a video to my Vimeo Kinect Hacks group! The prize of course is to be mentioned on this here ol' website of mine. Definitely makes finding great hacks easier on me so be sure to add your videos to the group! Not that all videos will make their way here, just ones that rock of course. With that being said, this one has a nice rock element to it. If I were to choose said rock element, I'd go with GOLD BABY!

News - Kinect Drawing Arm Using Arduino, Processing and Multiple Servos

Damn I love these kinds of projects. Multifaceted configurations using servo's, Arduino, depth sensing cameras -- oh my! I do declare, think I just caught a case of the vapours! This video I stumbled upon has all those elements of badassness (look for other words I've invented that rape the english language in upcoming posts!)

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