Synapse for Kinect

Synapse is an app for Mac and Windows that allows you to easily use your Kinect to control Ableton Live, Quartz Composer, Max/MSP/Jitter, and any other application that can receive OSC events. It sends joint positions and hit events via OSC, and also sends the depth image into Quartz Composer. In a way, this allows you to use your whole body as an instrument.

News - Kinect Wings with Processing, OSC and Arduino

Oh snap! How exciting! Someone submitted a video to my Vimeo Kinect Hacks group! The prize of course is to be mentioned on this here ol' website of mine. Definitely makes finding great hacks easier on me so be sure to add your videos to the group! Not that all videos will make their way here, just ones that rock of course. With that being said, this one has a nice rock element to it. If I were to choose said rock element, I'd go with GOLD BABY!

News - Quartz Composer, Ableton Live and Synapse Kinect Controlling 3D Geometry and Sound

In this great demonstration of using a Kinect enabled digital synthesizer, the folks at 1000 errors used a wide assortment of applications to build this very cool hack. The digital pot-o-gumbo consists of several applications being used in tandem such as Synapse Kinect, Maxxforlive, Ableton Live, VDMX and Quartz Composer

Resource - Kinect BeatWheel Max Patch

Uses Kinect to control which beat is playing in a looping sample. A sample is chopped up into eighth note slices (or any increment) and arranged like a clock face around you. The currently playing slice is controlled by your left hand's position in space. This allows you to remix a loop by waving your hand around. The red dot indicates your hand's position, the green bar indicates the currently playing slice, and the blue bar moves at the tempo of the song to serve as a guide.

News - Kinect BeatWheel

Ryan Challinor, creator of Synapse for Kinect, has developed another great little side project in his free time. This time around he's created a Kinect controlled BeatWheel that controls a looping sample by using gestures to play the track normally or in reverse. You'll need to download the Max patch and the Synapse for Kinect application for Mac in order to try it out for your self.

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