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Mac OS X

Dynamically Control Background Perspective and Changing Colours

Ning Ma's FLying Squares with dynamically controlled background perspective and changing colours.

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Texture Mapping a 3D Object Using Kinect, RGBDemo and Blender

There aren't very many instructional guides or videos out there that go into detail when describing how to take a kinect captured image, import it into blender and then map a texture to it. Trust me, I spent a lot of time looking around. That goes double for Mac users. I've never used Blender before and right away I can tell you it doesn't boast the most straight forward and easy to use interface that I've come across.

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Kinect Virtual Disco Deathmatch Installation Guide

The other day I posted an article about a great little game developed by Paul & Syd. They built this easy to use and fun to play Dance competition game that matches up your skeletal positioning with data captured from the Kinect and then pumps it into a browser that supports HTML5 using Jens Alexander Ewald's WebSocketP5 library.

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Install libfreenect Drivers for Mac OS X

Here a quick -- and when I say quick, I mean quick -- guide to get you up and running with libfreenect drivers on a Mac OS X.

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Installing OpenNI, NITE and SensorKinect for Mac OS X

UPDATE: OpenNI has a new site so a lot of the links (and some instruction on how to obtain things) have changed. To download previous versions of OpenNI and NiTE, go to

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Kinect Guide to Using Synapse with Quartz Composer

Ryan Challinor wrote an incredibly useful tool for speeding up the set up process involved with using your Kinect sensor with Apple's free visual programming tool Quartz Composer. I was able to easily set up a quick demo where A particle system with a halo effect would follow my left hand along the X and Y axis. Incredibly easy to set up with a very rewarding end result.

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