UPDATE: Administrator approval is unfortunately required now to register a new account. This will be temporary (hopefully!) while I work on preventing bots from signing up. Common' Mollom, let's get it together! If you're real, feel free to register an account here but please send me an email using the contact form providing the email address you used to register and I'll approve your account. Real sorry about this.

Why would you want to create a membership account on the site? First up, you'll have access to post in any of the groups that have been created. This will allow you to communicate effectively with other members of a particular group -- perfect for asking questions or collaborating on projects with developers of similar interests and expertise.

You'll also be able to post your own blog entries. This is a great way to have people notice your work that are interested in developing for the Kinect.

Scalability in terms of account features will be incorporated as the user member base increases. The ability to transform this simple resource/blog site into a fully functional kinect development social networking site can easily be incorporated. This would give you the ability to follow posts and receive notifications based a number of triggered events.

The site is built using Drupal, an open source CMS. I'm always interested in listening to feed back and incorporating practical and useful functionality into the site. As a member, you'll have a hand in shaping and forming the site to fit your required needs by submitting change requests directly to me. Want a new feature or tweak to the interface? I'll hook it up.

The glossary section needs a lot of work. As a member, you could submit glossary terms or requests glossary terms additions in order to provide a user friendly and educational experience for those who are just starting out in the Kinect hacking game.

You'll be able to directly add your projects to the resource section. They will be seen by people in the same field of expertise, great for promoting your work to the people that matter.

NOTE: The site has only been live for about one month as of this post. is currently structured as a constantly evolving site with new sections and fine tuned options updated as required. As the member base increases, you'll see a lot of new features added more frequently in order to provide the perfect place for people interested in developing for the Kinect to communicate and collaborate with each other.

Head on over to the Registration Page in order to get your account set up!