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ARCADE - Augmented Reality Communication and Distance Education

Augmented Reality Communication and Distance Education

ARCADE was designed to give live augmented reality presentation over video. The software generates 3D content in space around the presenter allowing him/her to use natural gestures to convey information to their audience. No post processing is involved which makes this the perfect solution for live presentations.

The presenteror views the live video of himself as if in a mirror. Multiple 3D objects are available to the presenter that can be used during the presentation. OpenNI is used for skeletal tracking. The developers have created their own "Grammar of Gestures" and several demo applications to show of the presentation software.

Features include:

  • One-handed pick & place - When a hand or finger hovers over on object, it becomes selected and can be controlled. When that object touches another object, they become bonded together.
  • Menu Selection & Swiping - By using your finger, you can easily browse through menus and select items by swiping. Automatic highlighting occurs while moving up or down scrolls through the menu.
  • 3D Drawing - The presenter can make 3D drawings by touching fingers together. The first finger to move away is omitted and the remaining finger controls the drawing. Once completed, a single key press can rotate the drawing in 3D space to show different perspectives.
  • Rotation and Uniform Scale - The presenter can manipulate objects arbitrarily. One can rotate the object on the vertical and horizontal axis by moving his finger either up/down or left/right. Scaling can be achieved by manipulating the object using two fingers within the bounding box to increase/decrease the depth or Z-axis of the object.
  • Delete Gesture - the presenter can delete or erase any object or drawing by waving his hand/
  • This is by far the most robust and feature rich augmented reality interface to come out for the Kinect. Check out the video to see exactly what I'm talking about.

    NOTE - The video currently restricts embedding but you can still view it on Vimeo by following this link