Commercial ZigFu Development Kit Now Available

Commercial ZigFu Development Kit Now Available

The good folks at ZigFu have just announced that the commercial version of their ZigFu Development Kit is now available. With the ZigFu development kit, you can develop feature rich websites, Unity games and Flash applications using depth sensing cameras such as the Kinect.

All application are portable across all operating systems, web browsers CV middleware and 3D sensors. They have a recipe list, API documentation and some great tutorials to get you started on your way to developing robust kinect applications.

You can download the beta for free which includes a ZigFu watermark in the bottom corner. A commercial license can be purchased for $200 which includes free updates for all 1.x versions.

Features Include:

  • Compile to Mac, Windows, and Web Player using the Zigfu browser plugin
  • Compatible with OpenNI/NITE and Microsoft Kinect SDK computer vision libraries
  • Calibration-free Skeleton Tracking
  • User selection methods (first user found, hand raise)
  • point-cloud to particles effects
  • Hand gesture detectors (push, swipe, steady, wave)
  • Plenty of Samples Scenes to get started

Download the free beta version now from and try out some of their kick ass demos from here and here!