Kinect with Fabric Engine Integration in Web Browser

Kinect with Fabric Engine Integration in Web Browser

Oh how I love to post game changing kinect news articles. They're so fun and exciting. I always get that little rush when you write about something that hasn't been done and will serve a multitude of practical purposes. Skype is about to eat a sweet chunk of Fabric Engine dust with its Kinect integration. Seeing as How Microsoft now owns Skype, I'm sure they'll be keeping a watchful eye on this subject.

The application allows you to view RGB images in a browser along with real time depth as well. In a browser folks….in a browser. You could have live, real-time motion capture performances or visual arts demonstrations across the globe seamlessly streaming in a browser. That's incredible news.

Some features of the software include the ability to control the camera from the User Interface, depth detection with masking, 3D points and 3D skeletal tracking as well. A beta will be released next month so keep it locked right here for more on this and be sure to check out the official site at

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