KinectMath Teaching Tool

KinectMath Teaching Tool

One of the most practical uses of the Kinect's technology and low price point is introducing it into the classroom as a means of transitioning from archaic, dry teaching methods into a fun, interactive user experience. This is a great way to engage students by having them interact with and witness the effects of the lesson in real-time.

The KinectMath teaching tool was developed by a few students at UW Bothell that worked closely with a professor at the school. The application aims to make math more approachable to students who may be more proficient as visual or hands-on learners. The video demonstrates how a student can use gestures in order to map the points in a graph relating to time vs distance which is plotted in real-time.

Download KinectMath right now if you're interested in trying it out for yourself! Documentation is included with installation instructions.

via: KinectEducation

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