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Kinect Wings with Processing, OSC and Arduino

Kinect Wings with Processing, OSC and Arduino

Oh snap! How exciting! Someone submitted a video to my Vimeo Kinect Hacks group! The prize of course is to be mentioned on this here ol' website of mine. Definitely makes finding great hacks easier on me so be sure to add your videos to the group! Not that all videos will make their way here, just ones that rock of course. With that being said, this one has a nice rock element to it. If I were to choose said rock element, I'd go with GOLD BABY!

Using OSC, Processing and an Arduino, the team responsible for this project was able to have a tracked user send OSC messages to a servo via Arduino that would make the character on the screen jump every time a stylus made contact with a touch screen. Looks like there's a splash of Synapse for Kinect in there as well. Elaborate set up to say the least but a fun project nonetheless. The video is well made and was quite enjoyable to watch as well. Check out Kinect Wings directly below this text you are currently reading...