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Kinect Virtual Remote Strolling

Kinect Virtual Remote Strolling

Have you ever wanted to take a trip to some location you've never visited, just to see the sites? All of the famous landmarks you've heard so much about but never had the chance to really get to check out because actually going there would cost an arm and a leg. I know I have, and as an alternative, often times I've hopped onto Google Maps street view and have taken virtual strolls down New Yorks Times Square, or did my best Beatles impression by walking scrolling across Abbey Road in Westminster, London.

This great little hack allows you to physically interact with these landmarks a bit more by taking a Virtual Stroll using a Kinect and a large monitor with a Google Maps display.

Using a public display with a tracking device like Microsoft Kinect, a person can stroll around in a virtual representation of the distant place, using their body as a controller. Turning and tilting their body lets them look around, while they can move by jumping or walking in place. The physical interaction makes the strolling feel more real.

For more check out the video.