MAID Ambient Interact Display

MAID Ambient Interact Display

After reading Wired magazine's incredible article on feedback loops, I became extremely interested in the possibility of teaching people better habits without wagging a finger at them or slapping them with a fine. The ability to recognize our own shortcomings and be compiled to change those habits should be instilled in us -- you'd think! It turns out, if most of us can get away with it, that'll be our path of least resistance.

What MAID brings to the table is a means of providing an ambient display system that supposedly will motivate behavioural changes regarding energy consumption; a growing concern that definitely needs to be addressed in our day-to-day lives. The application provides a gaming interface that allows users to interact with everyday household energy relating objects such as adjusting the temperature in the room, lights being left on and closing doors to conserve heat.

If this type of application can be combined with real-time energy consumption statistics, I'm sure people would pay a great deal more attention to their energy consumption habits.

This was a collaboration with the Interactive Media Group from FCT-UNL, and Ricardo Salvador.

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