Septority Report

Septority Report

When people ask me "What kinds of hacks can be done with the Kinect" For some reason, I always happen to give this one example. Picture yourself waiting at the bus station. I know this may be a stretch for those of you ou there that are lucky enough to have your own means of transportation, but bear with me. You have about 20 minutes to kill. Wouldn't it be cool to have a television equipped with a Kinect that you could interact with in a "hands free" fashion?

You could gesture with your hand to the left and pull up a weather report. Swipe again and bring up the latest news headlines. Hover over a category icon and switch from the new york times to another source of information. Navigate back to the transit icon and have a listing of all available bus routes along with their schedules. Maybe play a game or two to pass the time. All without touching a single remote control, keyboard or mouse -- germ free!

The presentation was made to the committee by Matt Monihan and Chris Alfano of at the SEPTA developer showcase on Nov. 18, 2011. Their application uses DepthJS in tandem with their own custom built web app called Septority Report -- Download here

For more on this promising gesture controlled web interface, check out the video at

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