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Kinect + Processing Visual Effect Generator

Kinect Visual Effect Generator

Since this sketch doesn't exactly have an official name - aside from Kinect Experiments - I thought I'd give it one myself. The Kinect Visual Effect Generator is a multipurpose Kinect Hack written in Processing. This Processing Sketch allows an end user to apply a wide variety of different visual effects and options such as the ability to follow your actions and have the repeat to drawing tubular like trails that are represented in 3D with depth and with rotational functionality.


Kinect Virtual Disco Deathmatch Installation Guide

The other day I posted an article about a great little game developed by Paul & Syd. They built this easy to use and fun to play Dance competition game that matches up your skeletal positioning with data captured from the Kinect and then pumps it into a browser that supports HTML5 using Jens Alexander Ewald's WebSocketP5 library.

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PuShy - Tactile Sonic Interface

PuShy - Tactile Sonic Interface

The PuShy project is a very creative and inspiring project involving Max/MSP, OSC along with a trusty Kinect sensor. The idea behind this Tactile Sonic Interface is to provide a means of touching something that has no business making any sort of sonic response and then coming to life with a symphony of music once the interaction has taken place. This project was first unraveled at the Plektrum Festival 2011, Tallinn, Estonia.