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This site was primarily designed as a resource for people interested in developing applications using Microsoft's Kinect sensor. There are tons of resources available online of course, the only problem is that they're scattered all over the place. If you're interested in a particular subject, let's say, developing a Kinect app using Processing, you'll more than likely find everything you'll need in the Processing forums. What this site intends on providing is a means for those interested in more than just one particular programming language or tool in order to build their dream project using this incredibly affordable 3D depth sensing camera.

What Develop Kinect will provide you, the visitor, is a wide variety of resources and useful information in order to develop applications for the Kinect at a veritable glance. All visitors can browse multiple active groups that follow particular subjects, while members can subscribe to said groups and receive notifications when anything new is posted to that group. This is a great way to stay on top of all of the Kinect related subject matter you are interested in. You'll be able to communicate with other developers or enthusiast that subscribe to the same groups and discuss subject matter that relates to your particular interests. This format provides the perfect opportunity for you to stumble upon a new SDK or Motion Capture solution -- whatever the case may be -- that does exactly what you were looking for, purely by coincidence.

You're also able to search and filter through wide variety of available resources. Everything you'll need to get your project under way will be right here saving you from browsing one svn repo to a forum post to the official site and then back again. People who may be interested a particular subject but are just getting starting out will find Develop Kinect especially useful. The majority of the guides submitted to the site relate to the first few steps it will take to get things started on your Operating System and programming tool or language of choice. All downloadable resources will be available internally so you won't need to bounce around all over the internet to get what you're looking for. A glossary is also available if you're looking for a definition of a term that's being used frequently on the site. Technical jargon can turn most beginners off, especially early on in the development phase. Develop Kinect aims to remedy that and provide many more features such as personal developer blogs, news articles and more!

Honestly, this site is for anyone interested in the amazing the Kinect camera is capable of and how it will change the way we interact will digital devices in the future. If you're just interested in ready the latest news or plotting the next game changer with colleagues who have similar ideas and interests, Develop Kinect is where it all happens. If you have any suggestions what-so-ever, I'd love to hear them. Don't be afraid to send me an email via our contact form. I'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas and concerns. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your time. Now go on, change the world with that next Kinect inspired idea!