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O'Reilly Computer Vision and 3D Sensor Deal April 4th - 11th

Miss the last Kinect related promo offered by O'Reilly? Well you're in luck! Kinect Hacks along with other great books on CV such as Making Things See and Programming Computer Vision with Python (just to name a few) or now 50% off from today until April 14th.

Big Deal on Kinect Hacking Books Starting Feburay 19th

Get to know your Kinect on a personel level and save %50 while you're at it! Kinect Hacks is in some pretty good company with this latest O'Reilly promotion. All you'll need to get started is right here folks!

I Wrote a Freakin' Book!

Just dropping a good old fashion blog post today to let everyone know that my book "Kinect Hacks: Tips & Tools for Motion and Pattern Detection" is out today! It was a little over a year ago when two amazing (and gutsy!) editors from O'Reilly - Shawn Wallace & Brian Jepson - approached me with the opportunity of a lifetime. To be honest with you, it took quite a while for everything to sink in. For the longest time I thought it was joke. I mean seriously; me, write a book?

New Develop Kinect Feature Released - Online Job Application

If anyone happens to follow this site on a regular bases, I apologize for not updating it so much as of late. I've been busy with the book along with rolling out this new online job application form for Kinect developers. If you register an account, you'll be able to post a job application if you just so happen to be looking for someone with some Kinect related experience to help you build that next great app!

Built a Cool Ajax Glossary Term Popup Thing-A-Ma-Jig

One of the things I hope to accomplish with this site is to have a huge database full of glossary terms that are easily accessible to visitors when they're reading news articles or trying out some of the DIY guides. Thanks to the mind blowing, earth shattering awesomeness of Drupal and Views 3, I was able to find a handy little guide here that provided the steps I needed to get the job done.

Been Having a Ball...and CHAIN!

Lately I've been checking out all the SDK's, Tool Kits, and wrappers along with their accompanying sample, demo and example files. It's a great feeling once you get that pluggin or add-on working and the code examples just pop up and spring into life. Normally I'm not one to "pose for the camera", but when you point a sexy little beast like the Kinect at me and I can manually rotate a 3D generated point cloud of myself in openFrameworks, you might just get me to say cheese :D

About to check out the Evoluce SDK

So today was the day. I broke down and picked up a dedicated Windows laptop. After abandoning all things WIndows about 3 years ago -- jamming Ubuntu for a year and a half and then my MacBook Pro until present -- I had two reasons which made me bite the proverbial bullet and make that sad stroll on over to FutureShop.

Happy Belated 1st Birthday Kinect!

With all the commotion that's been happening lately, I almost forgot to wish my little techno wizard gadget pal a happy 1st birthday! I was actually celebrating an alive friend's 30th birthday so I hope you'll understand. Never the less, in honour of this monumental milestone, I thought I'd put together a little recap of how you came into this retrospectively archaic world of ours and changed the lives of so many people in the process. So, without further adue, lets dim the lights start the slideshow. Roll it!

Holy Crap! This Place is Starting to Look Like a Website!

After a lovely weekend visiting some great friends I don't get to see half as much as I'd like, I was able to piece together some handy sort/search functionality for the different sections of the site.

News Category Has Been Added

I've added a news category today. The idea will be to cover all things related to Kinect in terms of development or anything else that catches my eye. They'll appear on the front page in a blog role format but will also be accessible via the primary menu list if you want to check out a specific category. So far I've set up the following Kinect News Categories: