About to check out the Evoluce SDK

So today was the day. I broke down and picked up a dedicated Windows laptop. After abandoning all things WIndows about 3 years ago -- jamming Ubuntu for a year and a half and then my MacBook Pro until present -- I had two reasons which made me bite the proverbial bullet and make that sad stroll on over to FutureShop.

First off, the Kinect SDK demo's and everything else for that matter, do not work under Parallels for my Mac. I assume it has something to do with the bandwidth allocated to the USB ports. My guess is that Parallels emulates a lot of the devices and pumps the data over the USB bus. Don't quote me on that....just a guess. When running Evoluce in Parallels, the IR point cloud wouldn't initiate either so I just chalked it up to emulating Windows on a Mac.

Secondly, I'm writing a book and my publisher requires that I use a specific MS Word template for the series of books mine will be released under. I had a ton of work done in XML using Author -- great XML app I might add. Anyway, this template doesn't play nice with Word for Mac, Pages or OpenOffice so I was left with little choice. As I'm writing this, the blue light representing a charged battery appeared on my shiny new Gateway PC. The price point was alright for what I was getting. WIndows 7 Home w/Intel i5, 8 GB of RAM, Nvidia GeForce GT 520M, 1 GB VRAM, 750 GB HDD for around $650. Definitely overkill for what I need it for, but I think I'll be alright if I ever wanted to check out StarCraft 2 or Diablo 3. It has HDMI out as well so it'll serve as a NetFlix machine durring its downtime.

Oh yeah, the point of this post was to let you guys know that I'll finally be able to properly check out Evoluce's SDK, a direct competitor to the Official Microsoft Kinect SDK. Actually, I'll be able to check out both of these SDK's and give accurate write ups, guides and other helpful resources relating to them respectively.