Been Having a Ball...and CHAIN!

Lately I've been checking out all the SDK's, Tool Kits, and wrappers along with their accompanying sample, demo and example files. It's a great feeling once you get that pluggin or add-on working and the code examples just pop up and spring into life. Normally I'm not one to "pose for the camera", but when you point a sexy little beast like the Kinect at me and I can manually rotate a 3D generated point cloud of myself in openFrameworks, you might just get me to say cheese :D

Anyway, I was checking out Google+ Pages earlier today and created one for this site. It was looking pretty bleak so I decided to add a little photo album documenting my life in front of the depth sensing camera. Check it out if you'd like, just click on this fancy little icon in order to follow the site on google+

If navigating away from this lovely little site isn't your forte, I went ahead and created an image gallery so that you could check out the pics right here. Hope you enjoy them! The title of this blog post relates to the Unity Skeleton wrapper image in case you were wondering.