Happy Belated 1st Birthday Kinect!

With all the commotion that's been happening lately, I almost forgot to wish my little techno wizard gadget pal a happy 1st birthday! I was actually celebrating an alive friend's 30th birthday so I hope you'll understand. Never the less, in honour of this monumental milestone, I thought I'd put together a little recap of how you came into this retrospectively archaic world of ours and changed the lives of so many people in the process. So, without further adue, lets dim the lights start the slideshow. Roll it!

Well it's been quite the year now hasn't it? As soon as you saw the light of day, everybody wanted to get to know you. There was so much hype surrounding you, people just had to see what all the ruckus was about as soon as they got the chance. Parents wanted to share you with their kids, gamers wanted to see if you were the real deal, and hackers, well, they only wanted you to be the best darn you you could possibly be. From the day you were born, you were destined for greatness. Hell, within the first 2 months you were already breaking world records simply based on your popularity alone! Now that's something to brag about. But knowing how cool, calm and humble you are, you didn't even bother updating your Facebook status to something like "Fastest selling consumer electronics device. 8 mil in 60 days, no bigs".

While people were enjoying your company in their living rooms; helping them loose weight or participate in a little family fun time, others just weren't that impressed. "How the hell are you gonna play a shooter with this thing! I like guns and explosions! Raaaawr!" cried the "Hard C0re" gamer. Yes, you couldn't make everyone happy, but ya know what, screw them buddy! You know who you are and so do the majority of us out there. You're so much more than a gaming accessory. You're a window into the future. Next slide please.

Your parents always knew you'd be the apple of their eye. But they had no idea how fast you'd grow in front of their very eyes, exceeding all of their expectations. It took a contest on your behalf before the world really knew how much potential you truly had and before you knew what was going on, you were changing the way we interact with technology. Pretty impressive for a 6 day old I must say.

While all of this front page news was happening, a group of very curious people wanted to get to know you a little bit more intimately than most. They could see the potential in your eyes and began to dream of a world where you would be the center of it all! Creating a new way of interfacing with machines, helping those less fortunate, improving the way we use application, mixing live entertainment with stunning visual effects. Thanks to you, we will no longer be chained to germ infested mice or keyboards. We can use gestures and vocalize commands in order to communicate our messages to machines. And there you'll be. Right in the middle of it all, with your glowing eyes and reassuring nods from time to time. As humble as ever.

So here's to a great first year! Things are only looking up from this point forward. It turns out that your parents have decided to officially share your full potential with the rest of the world! I hope you're ready for one heck of a crazy second time spin around the block. I for one can't wait to see what's in store.