Holy Crap! This Place is Starting to Look Like a Website!

After a lovely weekend visiting some great friends I don't get to see half as much as I'd like, I was able to piece together some handy sort/search functionality for the different sections of the site.

The most complicated -- and buggiest for that matter -- was the Glossary Terms page. I built a view that has an exposed filter which sorts through every Glossary terms title along with an index of items searchable by clicking on the letter the term begins with. It's all using ajax to load up all slick and sexy like and will look so cool once a ton of terms have been added. Right now I've just tossed in a few for testing purposes but I tell you it's going to be awesome once it's all said and done.

The Groups has an exposed search filter for group names but it's still represented in a less than aesthetically appealing table view. I'll have to spruce that up at some point or another. The News Section has a default view of all content visible and the ability to filter based on category criteria. Right now there are only three terms available. Hacks, Development and General.

I've also spent a bit of time cleaning up the base theme by aligning things better and seperating posts in teaser formats as well. I've added three social networking icons if people felt like spreading the good word -- spreading of said good word would be much obliged btw :)

Next up is the resource section. It hasn't been built yet but I figure I'll just clone the News section and replace the content types and taxonomy terms. Should be pretty straight forward. Once that's all been set it's time for the most boring part of all. Populating the sections! Woo-hoo...

In between the mundane monkey work I'll continue to post site updates in the form of this blog and other news related items I come across so by sure to follow the twitter feed and facebook page for more!