New Develop Kinect Feature Released - Online Job Application

If anyone happens to follow this site on a regular bases, I apologize for not updating it so much as of late. I've been busy with the book along with rolling out this new online job application form for Kinect developers. If you register an account, you'll be able to post a job application if you just so happen to be looking for someone with some Kinect related experience to help you build that next great app!

Members can also apply for a job directly from the website as well! Simply fill in the form at the bottom of the job application and send the poster a message, your contact info and even attach your resume.

Those looking for work can check out the Job Postings page and sort by the type of work, country or city they are looking for work in as well! I also plan on implementing a means for developers to post an online "Kinect Portfolio" of sorts who may be looking for some Kinect development gigs. The best part is, the entire feature - for both posters and applicants - is completely free!

I hope those interested in recruiting Kinect developers and programmers will give this a try. It's still in an early testing state but should be fully functional. If you have any change requests or need to report a bug, please do so by using the contact form.