News Category Has Been Added

I've added a news category today. The idea will be to cover all things related to Kinect in terms of development or anything else that catches my eye. They'll appear on the front page in a blog role format but will also be accessible via the primary menu list if you want to check out a specific category. So far I've set up the following Kinect News Categories:

  • Development
  • General
  • Hacks

Although I see the Kinect development scene moving away from the "hacks" label -- especially since the Kinect SDK will be have a commercial license available for purchase -- I figure I'll keep the term alive and focus on projects originating from tools and resources made available from the OpenKinect community of developers.

General news will cover press releases and other news that doesn't fall into any particular category. Development news will relate to projects that are interesting and worth taking note of. All news items will be available on the News landing page with each subcategory having it's own spot as well. I'll start creating posts for these section very shortly they will serve as the primary source of updated content for the site -- especially early on.