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What's Next

Next step for the site is to build a resource section along with a glossary. The resources will be broken down into 3 categories. Downloads will pertain to API's, Wrappers, Frameworks, IDE's, Middleware and Applications. Guides will include how to set things up on your OS of choice and will range from drivers to apps and everything else covered in the downloads section. Tutorials and manuals will be included as well.

So What's the Big Idea?

First off, I'm no expert on programming or the Kinect, at least I don't consider myself to be one. I'm just a big, BIG fan. I've been covering a wide assortment of Kinect related hacks and applications since the early days of libfreenect's inception. Now that Microsoft is planning on releasing their own commercially available SDK, this niche, little underground scene is about to blow up. On my old blog, I basically kept an eye out for anything fun and interesting that was developed using a Kinect sensor.