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Augmented Reality Evolution Timeline Using openFrameworks

Augmented Reality Evolution Timeline Using openFrameworks

This latest hack in AR goodness brings us back to a time when primordial ooze was all the rage. Watch as creatures are born right in front of your very eyes that move around freely, only bound to their environmental constraints.

Creatures come in all forms ranging from spiders, beetles and snails through ammonites and trilobites to sharks and dinosaurs, all inhabiting a Mixed Reality ecosystem.

The creatures are projected onto a physical 3D landscape measuring 4.6m. They they can sense the presence of visitors through the use of Kinect stereo camera sensors, and respond accordingly by disappearing, running away, or crawling up your arm.
But be gentle with them, they are much smaller than you are!

Watch the video until the end to see what happens when you try to "interact" with the creatures. Good times.