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Candescent NUI

Candescent NUI

This is what I like to see. A crisp, clean, seamless user interface with accompanying code for us all to try out! If you skip past my boring ass synopsis and go straight to the video, you'll be treated to one of the slickest video manipulation programs using a natural user interface to date. You heard right folks, this demo is a thing of beauty.

The video you are about to see is the most robust, feature heavy representation of a "Minority Report" styled interface. The ability to use ones fingers to achieve such precise controls is what will catapult us to a new way of interacting with computer.

In the video, the developer is able to perform the several different video manipulations functions using the following input gestures:

  • Defining a video space with 4 fingers (2 on each hand) starts a new video inside that space
  • Opening the right hand while pointing at a video with one finger of the left hand closes the video
  • Opening the left hand puts the video into time-shift mode. Moving the right finger on the x-axis forwards or rewinds the video

Candescent NUI requires the OpenNI Framework or the Microsoft Kinect SDK to be installed and is available to download here. Also be sure to follow the developers blog at