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CoVii and PrimeSense Announce ViiHaptic at CES


The technological start-up CoVii introduced today at CES its new software for 3D sensors, which transforms any screen of any size into a touchscreen - ViiHaptic.

The Israeli company PrimeSense™, that created the 3D sensor technology, believes that this new CoVii’s software will revolutionize the digital signage market, because it can transform any screen of any size already used by companies into a touchscreen in a robust manner and with a much lower cost than a real touchscreen.

This new CoVii’s software allows recognizing the touch on the screen, but it also features other functionalities, such as hovering, enabling the control at a distance without the need to touch, and user recognition. Thus the software detects how many users are interacting, where they are positioned, which translates in a plus for the companies’ communication. ViiHaptic runs in the main operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux), it is easy calibrated and also allows insertion of content in different programming

This product has numerous uses and with no need to touch the screen, it is ideal for places where hygiene and safety have to be guaranteed (eg. operating theatres, machinery control) or even to places with frequent interaction of multiple individuals with a screen (eg MUPIs in airports or malls).

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