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Kinect2Scratch Lecture

Kinect2Scratch Lecture

I stumbled across a great presentation touching on the future of development in terms of the latest generation of coders and programmers. The lecture was done by Stephen Howell, the developer of Kinect2Scratch, a wrapper designed to add Kinect integration to MIT's scratch programming toolkit. I've never heard of kinect2scratch -- or Scratch for that matter -- up until now, but after listening to Stephen's lecture, I wanted to learn more.

Scratch is essentially a programming language for kids or other non-programers that easily snaps all the code and functionality together for you in a simple and easy to use interface. This is a great way to teach the fundamentals of programming to youth so they're ready to learn in-depth coding and programming once they reach the post secondary level.

With Kinect2Scratch, you -- or kids -- can use the skeletal data from the Kinect to quickly and easily create a wide variety of games and musical applications without having to know a lick of C++ or Java. Very cool.

Head on over to to download Kinect2Scratch -- Scratch + Kinect beta SDK 2 required -- and help Stephen reach his goal of introducing the three D's: Design, Develop, and Debug into classrooms around the world!