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KiNECTAR Musical Performance Platform

KiNECTAR Musical Performance Platform

If you haven't heard or seen anything relating to Chris Vik's work, now's a good time to start catching up. His YouTube page should give just the right amount of background info and be warned, your mind may be blown in the process. Go here - - run, don't walk.

If you were able to successfully escape any mind blowage, I hope you still have enough grey matter left over to soak this up. He's gone ahead and created his own Max-based Kinect controlled interface. The application will allow you to use advanced conditioning of hand position data passed to external devices and software such as MIDI and OSC.

The application uses the OSCeleton Kinect wrapper which integrates Kinect tracked body movements by outputting the joint data into OSC format.

Key Features:

  • Movement Tracking UI allows manipulation of position output, displaying all relevant Kinect input
  • Instrument Builder lets the user build zone conditions to output MIDI notes in three modes:
    • Static - Produces a single note value. Useful for drum triggers, turning on/off effects within a DAW or feed that trigger into
    • KiNECTAR to switch between presets using your gesture
    • Solo - Do sweeping solos by selecting from over 40 musical scale presets or click the notes on the UI to make your own
    • Chord - Create a progression of up to 8 chords per preset to play live
  • Global Flags lets you turn on/off instruments using a MIDI note sent from your DAW, external MIDI controller or KiNECTAR
  • MIDI Preset Control lets you switch between presets and instruments using a single MIDI note
  • Value Editor enables many more MIDI/OSC outputs, for controlling device values
  • Visual Metronome popout window

For more info on KiNECTAR, head on over to

The application is still in an early Alpha build but if you sing up with an account, you'll be able get an early preview of KiNECTAR and chat it up in the Forum. This software looks incredibly promising so be sure to check back for any updates as they become available.