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OpenNI 2.0 SDK Has Been Released!

OpenNI 2.0 SDK Has Been Released!

Fresh out the gate and right on time for all your holiday hacking needs comes the new OpenNI 2.0 SDK (along with a shinny new website to boot!). The Good folks at OpenNI have rebuild their widely used SDK from the ground up with several new enhancements pertaining to the way you build apps using 3D sensors.

Here's a list of using OpenNI 2.0 over the previous version:

  • Support the latest generations of 3D Sensors (Short range, etc.)
  • The largest and best third party Middleware Libraries: Body Tracking, 3D Reconstruction, Object Recognition, Analytics and many more.
  • Allows event-driven programming
  • Better backwards compatibility
  • Private copy of OpenNI and Middleware Libraries for each application.
  • Better multi-sensor support Middleware Libraries offering separate APIs
  • Plus many more improvements such as improved Depth unit system, Auto-Exposure control, etc.

You can download it now from for free so what are you waiting for! Run, don't walk. Stay tuned for installation guides and other tutorials to get you up and running with OpenNI's latest and greatest!