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ViiM Multiplatform SDK

ViiM Multiplatform SDK

No, this isn't an announcement for Vi Insanely Improved (wow, a vim joke, never thought I'd see the day…) but rather an announcement about a new Kinect related SDK to hit the market.

ViiM provides all functionalities of OpenNI, adding new high-level features and is packed with an assortment of great tools including 14 recognizable gestures ranging from basic wave to double click or backspace. ViiM is also able to track up to 15 skeletons while calculating individual joint positions, rotation angles, matrixes and quaternions.

ViiM’s middleware takes care of all the software architecture and
processing routines, running silently in the background, allowing developers,
from novice to expert, to focus all their attention solely on the creation of
interactive applications.

Features of ViiM SDK also include the following:

  • Cross platform
  • Threaded and thread safe
  • Parameters manipulation
  • Near and far threshold
  • Smooth depth
  • MatLab exporter/importer
  • Event based

A free trial is available at along with some samples to get you started at