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Fast Avatar Capture

Fast Avatar Capture

The 3D scanning capabilities of the Kinect have been front row in terms of displaying its numerous real-world applications. Being able to fully scan a 3D model of practically anything and then importing it into a 3D modelling solution or gaming engine lends itself to so many DIY projects that are cheap and practical.

ICT researchers Ari Shapiro and Evan Suma have developed a great means of capturing 3D models in order to add them to a rigging application. Fast Avatar Capture allows you to easily scan and place a 3D avatar into a video game or simulation software such as Blender, Unity or SmartBody. The software takes 4 seperate scans of your body. The left and right profiles along with the front and back. Once finished you have a 3D, full body scan ready to go in 4 minutes.

The idea is to essentially add model of yourself into a video game software simulation. Imagine you and your friend duking it out in a Mortal Kombat style fighting game, or exploring a hostile 3rd person action adventure game.

As it stand, the actual scanning software has yet to be released. According to Gizmodo, the developers are unsure as to whether or not they should release this to the public at this.

When asked if the capture software might go free and open-source as well, Shapiro got a little coy, saying they would have to see. We're guessing that a large video game company (possibly Microsoft?) will plunk down a large chunk of change to call dibs before that can happen.

Let's drop them a line and make it a point to release this so we can all give this incredible application a try!

Ari Shapiro
Evan Suma

Source: Fast Avatar Capture
Via: Gizmodo