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Kinected Application Allows 3D Customizable Augmented Reality Chat Over iPhone and iPad

Kinected Application Allows 3D Customizable Augmented Reality  Chat Over iPhone

Check out this innovative little app! Built by Cadavid Concepts, Inc, this Kinect Application allows you to harness the power of an iPad/iPhone with the latest in Augmented Reality tech to create a fun way to chat with your friends in 3D. Regular old dusty "Facetime" ain't got shit on Kinected!

The user on the other end must be running windows 7 with a Kinect. No details on what software aside from Kinceted needs to be installed (Kinect SDK, OpenNI etc). The host can then launch the application and create a profile. The user who will be seeing the feed in AR needs to purchase the Kinected App from the App Store (currently $2.99) for the iPhone or iPad. They can then enter the IP address of the host in order to connect -- port 11000 must be open! You then need to download a printout from here and you should now be seeing the person on the other end in 3D!

I'll be testing this out once I get back home tonight. I'll have a quick review of the product available once I've had a chance to really check it out.

For more on this cool app check out

UPDATE - Tried it at home on my internal network using Win7 in Parallels on a Mac running 0S X 10.7.2. The video states that you need the "standalone Kinect drivers" so I assume he means the Kinect SDK. The Kinect SDK doesn't seem to work in a Virtual Environment so I'll have to wait until I get my hands on a Windows 7 machine. See more here.

Anyone feel like testing it out in the mean time? The app is free and you need a Windows 7 machine with the Kinect SDK drivers installed. (I think...) Send me an email at jared.stjean [at] gmail [dot] com