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Microsoft Openly Thanks Community For Kinect Hacking Efforts.


Oh wow, ever cool, a flying pig! And look at that! A monkey just flew out of that guy's butt! Yes, it seems as if the unimaginable has just happened. An open "Thank you" letter from the Kinect for Windows General Manager directed to the Kinect hacking community. Why is this such a monuments occasion? Well, As Joshua Blake states in his great OpenKinect Google Groups post, this is the "first time a Micfosoft exec has addressed the [hacking] community by name in an official communication".

Well how about that? A little recognition from the guys who set out to create a little toy for their popular gaming console and ended up with a piece of tech that cause the next great evolution in computer interfacing.

Josh continues to make several other really great points such as:

The word "Hacker" being used in a positive light
K4W SDK (Kinect 4 Windows) will continue to support existing XBOX 360 Kinect sensors

The original post can be seen on the kinectforwindows blog here