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New Kinect paired with XBOX One; No Details on Kinect for Windows

New Kinect paired with XBOX One; No Details on Kinect for Windows

The new Kinect will be a huge component of Microsoft's XBOX One. No word yet on whether or not a "Kinect for Windows" edition is in the works but I figure it's safe to assume it will be released some point down the line.

No word as well if the USB connection will be left open like the original allowing drivers to be build for all types of operating systems. I get the sinking suspicion they want to keep this model in their own hands this time around...

Here's what we know so far about the new Kinect:

  • Complete redesign
  • Voice is more conversational and faster
  • Time of Flight technology - measures the time in 1/13 billionth of a second that it takes a proton to bounce of you.
  • 1080p HD RGB Camera with a wide viewing angle
  • 30 FPS color
  • More joints have been added that can detect the slightest rotation of wrist, shoulder, balance, energy of a motion, heartbeat
  • 2GB data per second

Here's a video

UPDATE: According to an interview that took place with Ben Kilgore, corporate vice president of interactive entertainment business, the next-generation Kinect will eventually see a release on Windows PC.