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PuShy - Tactile Sonic Interface

PuShy - Tactile Sonic Interface

The PuShy project is a very creative and inspiring project involving Max/MSP, OSC along with a trusty Kinect sensor. The idea behind this Tactile Sonic Interface is to provide a means of touching something that has no business making any sort of sonic response and then coming to life with a symphony of music once the interaction has taken place. This project was first unraveled at the Plektrum Festival 2011, Tallinn, Estonia.

The piece invites exploring the intimate relation between sound and touch. Producing sound become easily accessible by naturally touching the fabric and discovering its tactile and sonic properties at once. The three frames are transformed into different instruments that several participants can intuitively play at the same time. Improvising, coordinating and "playing" together remind us that music is at the very core a participatory and social activity.

This is how it all came together. Roberto Pugliese used 3 pieces of latex applied over 3 solid frames. The fabric is stretched out resulting in quite a bit of tension when pushed. This results in a great tactile sensation which is quite smooth because of the material. The end result is a tone that differs in pitch and volume depending on the intensity in which the latex is touched.

He used the simpleOpenNI wrapper for Processing in order to calculate the depth map split in 3, which was then polished and averaged. Communication occurs via OSC to Max/Msp.

Features include the ability to have participants sweep a chord up & down by pushing in different vertical position while modulating the amplitude by pushing more or less. Timbre tends to change due to the sonification of the raw data. The 3 instruments offer different musical scales though they tend to "fit" to each other.

For more great videos, check out Roberto's Vimeo page at