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Party in the City Interactive Display

Party In the City Interactive Display

After a year or documenting all kinds of visually stunning interactive displays, I've noticed that over time, the technical sophistication and level of creativity becomes more and more refined. Take for example Party in the City, a gorgeous use of colours and that increasingly become more vibrant as users motion towards the display. The users are able to to wipe clean the colours restoring the interactive images to its original state.

In the beginning the background image of city and flowers are pale gray images. They are gradually transformed into colored image like painting by viewer's motions of body and hands. When all flowers burst into colored blossom, the screen turns into night view. Colored images turn back to the gray images like erasing by viewer's interaction and the flowers send fireworks have erased petals into the night sky

All of the images were actually drawn on canvas and pictures were taken in order to create the texture data. The animated effect was created by applying the time-lapse progressions of the paintings creation which is displayed in sections as the user walks past the display. THis is done using the Kinect which recognizes the movement of the audience and then apply's the effect of the painting coming to life.

The Images are placed in 3D space and the movement of flowers and fireworks are programmed in C++ with OpenGL. A Kinect is used for recognition of audience's position and movement in dark showroom. Therefore, there is no limit of participants in the interaction.

For more check out the video below.