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Experience the Viewing Perspective of Humanoid Robot with Head Movement

Experience the Viewing Perspective of Humanoid Robot with Head Movement

Taylor puts it best in his YouTube description when he writes "Title says it all". Great, so now what am I supposed to do? I'm a "kinect Hacks Journalist" I guess so by default I have to stretch this thing out. Good thing the topic is interesting as old hell and the Hack is just f'n awesome!

Consider this is the "pi├Ęce du resistance" if you will of Taylor Veltrop's ongoing symphony of Kinect controlled humanoid robots. From the early days of witnessing his robot take its first steps based on gesture controls, to chopping a banana or interacting autonomously with children, Taylor's Kinect controlled NAO robot opus is nearing its completion with this latest hack -- a fully interactive and immersive, autonomously controlled, hominoid robot experience. When all the pieces of the puzzle are put together, you'll be able to control the robots movement along with the ability to see the world around you from the its visual perspective.

The advantages to such a system in place for underwater excavations or other uninhabitable environments are simply amazing. If you thought having a "Minority Report" type interface with your computer was the bee's knee's, this shit will melt your face off. I mean, he's controlling a robot autonomously while being able to see from its view point. My jaw remains firmly set in the dropped position even as I complete this article. Bravo sir and I hope to Jeebus there's an encore!

He's using his trusty NAO Humanoid Robot along with Vusix VR920.