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Playing Chess Using Kinect Controls Versus Robotic Arm

Chess Game Using Kinect Controls VS Robotic Arm

As cool as that title was to write, the video is even cooler. This is one of those articles I post simply because of the purely creative and inventive end result of someones hard work. I doubt the source code will be released any time soon and providing any sort of installation instructions or DIY tutorials is well beyond my skill set.

With that being said, a game of chess between a computer AI isn't anything new. However, controlling the chess piece using natural gestures while having your opponent (who just happens to be a robotic arm) do all "heavy lifting" certainly is.

The user is controlling the chess pieces with the Kinect as seen in the screen above. Once a move is completed, the robot will move the piece on the chess board according to your actions and then plays its own move afterwards. I can't help but wonder if the robot is plotting ways to enslave the human race while still thinking at least 3 moves ahead. Love this stuff!