Kinect Integration Into TV Sets

Kinect Integration Into TV Sets

Well, I can't say I didn't see this one coming. Although it's a rumour, I thought I'd at least just touch on the subject. I knew the advantages that the Kinect possess would far out weigh whatever benefits it brings to video gaming. Being able to control your XBOX with your Kinect was one thing, but now that we've seen the gamut of what we can do with a Kinect at our disposal, envisioning a Kinect in all of our living rooms is a pretty easy thing to imagine.

That's the idea behind this news report from The Daily. Anonymous sources "familiar with the subject" are stating that Microsoft is having discussions with Vizio and Sony to integrate Kinect technology into they line of televisions.

No more looking for the remote or molesting the buttons until you find the right one. Just state the channel you want to go to, increase the volume with a hand gesture or even verbally tell the TV to turn itself off. The Kinect has proven time and time again that it will be the device that leads us into the next stages of human/electronic interaction. I for one can't wait to see this in action.

Hell, Harish Ankarn was able to do it all on his own using usb-uirt to his Mac Mini!