Kinect Guide to Using Synapse with Quartz Composer

Ryan Challinor wrote an incredibly useful tool for speeding up the set up process involved with using your Kinect sensor with Apple's free visual programming tool Quartz Composer. I was able to easily set up a quick demo where A particle system with a halo effect would follow my left hand along the X and Y axis. Incredibly easy to set up with a very rewarding end result.

First you'll need to download Synapse. Since this guide uses Quartz Composer so you'll only need to download Mac version of Synapse for Kinect. You can download it from the original source of from our resource section right here.

You'll also need to download the Quartz Composer plugin qcOSC in order to send OSC joint messages QC. You can download it here

For those of you new to Quartz Composer (As I was when I frist tried this out) I had to use finder to open it up. Do so by pressing command+space and search form Quartz Composer You should have it installed but if not, it's located on your Mac Installation CD under extra's or utilities or tools....something along those lines.

Open up a "New Blank" and start following the instructions in Ryan's excellent YouTube video demo.

As a little extra help, here's a screen capture of the "visual code" layout I ended up with after all was said and done.

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