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ZigFu Package Installer

Our dev bundle installs the latest versions of OpenNI, a general-purpose framework for obtaining data from 3D sensors, NITE, a skeleton-tracking and gesture-recognition library, and the SensorKinect driver for interfacing with the Microsoft Kinect. It then configures them all to play nicely with each other, no command-line wizardry required!

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Avin2's SensorKinect Module

PrimeSense Sensor Module for OpenNI (Version Unstable version - Jul 19th 2011) Kinect Mod


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Easiest Way to Install OpenNI, NITE and SensorKinect for Windows 7

UPDATE: Forget about all that, the ZigFu package installer is flawless and by far the easiest way to get your Kinect working with your computer and it takes all of two minutes. Download it HERE or from their downloads section

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ZigFu OpenNI/NITE/SensorKinect Package Installer

ZigFu OpenNI/NITE/SensorKinect Package Installer

This is the perfect solution for those of you that just want to get up and running without all the headaches of downloading each framework and driver library individually. The idea is to create a package bundle that installs OpenNI, PrimeSense NITE and Avin2's SensorKinect so you can start using your Kinect on your PC with the click of a button.